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“Marketesia provided lead magnets in form of white papers and case studies that allowed our budgetary management firm build our domain authority and gain more audience interests”.
lead management client review
Gina B.
4.9/5.0 Rating

Unlock Your Lead Generation Potential With Compelling Lead Magnets

Unlock Your Lead Generation Potential With Compelling Lead Magnets

Attract quality leads, incentivize your prospects, and showcase your value with lead generation magnets such as whitepapers, ebooks, reports, and case studies that inspire genuine interest in your brand.

lead magnet Marketesia

Join 42+ clients succeeding with our lead generation services.

“Marketesia provided lead magnets in form of white papers and case studies that allowed our budgetary management firm cement our domain authority and gain more audience interests”.
lead management client review
Gina B.
4.9/5.0 Rating​
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Ebook Writing Services

Imagine watching your qualified leads become loyal customers and brand advocates through perfectly crafted white papers, case studies, and ebook writing services. Our team of lead generation experts are experienced in delivering just that!


Through captivating content that showcases your brand’s authority, expertise, and unique value proposition, we transform dull, uncomprehensive topics and stories into conversion-driven masterpieces.


Whether you are looking to engage, entertain, or inform your target audience, our ebook writing services positions your business to drive optimized conversion rates with the best B2B lead magnets possible.  

We take the time to understand your target audience, industry nuances, and value proposition to craft impeccable ebooks that resonate with your targets on a deeper level.

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ebook writing services
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Whitepaper Writing Services

In B2B marketing, white papers are potent lead generation magnets that offer the in-depth insights and valuable knowledge your prospects seek. At Marketesia, we combine extensive research, expert analysis and persuasive copywriting to present authoritative and well-documented white papers to your leads. 


Our top-notch lead magnet creation service employs data-driven and visually appealing strategies to influence your audience and drive conversions for your business. 

Lead Workbook

We help your business solve prospects’ pain points before they even convert. With a distinctive style of writing, Marketesia provides you with step-by-step guidance and directives that assist you in nurturing leads for your business.

Social Proof

We use evidence and testimonials to build trust and demonstrate your credibility in order to persuade your prospects. By highlighting the benefits you have over the competition, your potential leads will realize how your offerings supersede others.

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Why Work With Us?

Here are some reasons several brands trust us to provide high-performance social media services

Efficient Service

At Marketesia, we excel at offering you a matchless lead magnet creation service that leaves your audience inspired and ready to take the next step. From start to finish, we ensure every detail of your project is geared towards delivering the results you desire.

Tailored Solutions

See your ideas take shape with our custom-built and result-oriented lead generation magnets that drive exceptional metrics. When you choose to partner with Marketesia, you get marketing solutions that result in brand growth.

Crafted by Experts

With a knack for delivering remarkable results, our team of well-versed professionals is familiar with every nuance of creating content that resonates with your audience, inspires action, and drives measurable results.

Follow-up Analytics

Gain actionable insights that take your lead generation efforts to the next level. With Google-certified analytics experts, you can count on us to provide you with valuable data-driven insights that will maximize the impact of your lead generation campaigns.

Product copywriting

Product Copywriting

Let your product speak for itself with intuitively crafted product copy. At Marketesia, we specialize in writing enticing product copies that are not just mere words on a page but a comprehensive detail of what to expect in your product. We dive deep into your products’ essence and create copies that quell customers’ concerns, allowing you to convert every online store visitor into loyal buyers.

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Sales Presentations & Decks

At Marketesia, we understand how important it is to effectively communicate your product benefits and business advantages to prospects. This is why we draft sales pitches and presentations that express your ideas succinctly and capture the hearts and minds of your stakeholders. Prepare to indulge your audience with carefully written sales content assets.

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Email Marketing

From attention-grabbing subject lines to persuasive call-to-action (CTA), we optimize every element of your email campaign for maximum impact. With our vast experience in email marketing, you get well-crafted emails that drive your business to stratospheric success using informative newsletters, enticing promotions, and buttery storytelling strategies.


Client Reviews

“The software user guide Marketesia wrote for me was well-researched, flowed naturally and had high attention to detail. It also communicated every information we needed to pass across to our users.”
Haan S.
Co-founder Software Firm
“The Marketesia team made the whole ebook writing process smooth from start to finish. I didn’t have to worry about how the project was progressing because they provided daily updates and made me feel relaxed knowing everything was under complete control.”
Anah G.
DIY Social Page Owner
“Marketesia has added so much value to my online presence and business in a short time of being in contact, I can’t thank them enough.”
Diego W.
Credit Repair Business Owner

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